Our Services

Intelligent Systems

In Mulkin technologies our team works on developing heuristics and algorithms to operate analytics on a much quick scale. In the present we work on digital signage and transportation projects but our capacities go far beyond that.

We work together with our embedded systems team to develope the adequate tools needed to face the challenges that big amounts of data coming from many devices connected to the Internet and flowing to one server may represent. This data flow and their real-time analysis or even off-line analysis with intelligent algorithms is in great demand and we focus on supplying rock solid solutions to our clients.

Embedded Systems Design

In Mulkin Technology Services have extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture of embedded systems. Our excellent team, relationship with national and international suppliers and facilities with art equipment allows us to develop prototypes according to the specifications of our customers in just a few weeks. The quality and performance of systems, platforms and solutions is always guaranteed maximizing resources, computing power, memory, bandwidth and power consumption to give added value to the products of our customers. In Mulkin we commit to develop functional and efficient systems for specific tasks, ensuring the delivery of fully documented source code, documentation and test results at the end of the project. The duty cycle of our company focuses on the design and development of electronics and software required, conducting extensive tests to perfect operation and finally purification system to improve its efficiency.

Computer Vision

Our Computer Vision team has extensive experience in the development and support of algorithms and software in this area. Our customers include academic institutions, government research centers and private companies. Our products are oriented to the automatic analysis of still images and video and are used in many areas of technology: health, digital signage, security and transport. With the current market needs of optimizing technological resources, reducing space and costs, we work on developing highly efficient computer vision algorithms according to the specifications of our clients.